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About the Center

By inspiring and preparing a larger and more diverse population of K-14 students to become engineers, the Center for Engineering Outreach will improve recruitment, retention and diversity in the Texas Tech University Edward E. Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering and serve as a model for other universities in the nation.


Dean Fontenot

A. Dean Fontenot, Ph.D.


806.742.3451 x236

John Chandler

John R. Chandler, Ph.D.


806.742.3451 x273

Our Mission

The Center for Engineering Outreach works to integrate engineering into K-14 education to create feeder programs at the regional and state levels for Texas Tech University.

The center works to accomplish this mission by

  • developing curriculum, teacher training and other academic resources designed to help K-14 institutions and educators engage students in learning about engineering and encourage rigorous academic preparation;
  • providing experiences that reinforce interest and learning about engineering at the K-14 level with competitions, field trips and other opportunities to see or apply engineering concepts and skills;
  • and connecting the K-14 experience to engineering in higher education and practice through mentoring, campus visits, early admission and other activities aimed at making engineering degrees and careers more accessible and attainable.